About Fort Edmonton Foundation – A Volunteer Organization 

Our Vision

To create and promote an internationally acclaimed living history experience.


Our Mission

The Fort Edmonton Foundation celebrates Edmonton’s vivid, diverse history by fundraising in support of the development of capital projects in Fort Edmonton Park.


Our Values

The primary core value of the Fort Edmonton Foundation is integrity. Integrity is the fundamental principle of our relationships with our donors; it guides our stewardship of their contributions. The foundation understands that its mission is accomplished solely because of the generosity of those who support it.


The Fort Edmonton Foundation believes that maintenance of historical integrity is key to Fort Edmonton Park’s success as a financially sustainable historical attraction.  The Fort Edmonton Foundation is fully dedicated to the successful development of Fort Edmonton Park as a globally-acclaimed living-history experience.


The Fort Edmonton Foundation strives to ensure that all individuals who work to further its mission, be they donors, volunteers, staff, or stakeholders, are treated according to policies that are legally grounded, and guided by respect and individual rights.

The Fort Edmonton Foundation was founded in 1969 by a group of community leaders, several of them Rotarians, who were interested in establishing a visible memorial to the origins of the City of Edmonton. The objectives of the group, as set forth in the Memorandum of Association, were simple and straightforward:
  • To promote and support the establishment and development of a historical park in Edmonton, called Fort Edmonton Park, which was to contain the replication of old Fort Edmonton; and, which was to be created to be historically accurate insofar as possible.

  • To assist in the preservation, display, restoration and conservation of other buildings, sites, artifacts, personal papers and records, documents and objects which reflect and record the historical heritage of the Edmonton area and its early citizens.

  • To establish and maintain a fund for the said purposes and to accept gifts of money and of property, real and personal.

  • To apply the capital and income of the fund for said purposes.

Our Goals

To provide the financial resources that enable project development within Fort Edmonton Park and to work in partnership with the Fort Edmonton Management Company and City of Edmonton to preserve Edmonton's rich history through development projects at the Park.