The Fort Edmonton Park master plan was created to provide a framework for the development of Fort Edmonton Park establishing:                   

  • goals and objectives

  • a list of interpretive themes to provide guidance for structure selection

  • interpretive components that would bring the historical eras to life

  • traffic flow systems to include railroad, street car, buses, pedestrian delivery

  • park support services including visitor service, restoration centre & maintenance


1970 – 1974   

The Fort Edmonton Foundation (FEF) raised $1.5 million to construct a replica of Fort Edmonton, a Hudson’s Bay fur trading 1974 post, as it appeared in 1846.  Peter C. Newman, a Canadian historian and author, has been quoted as saying “Fort Edmonton is the best replica in Canada.”


1975 - 1979   

FEF raised $2.5 million for the development of 1885 Street which represents Edmonton as a settlement.  The development was comprised of 27 buildings including period shops, other businesses, homes, and churches.


1980 - 1989   

FEF raised $6 million for 1905 Street, which represents Edmonton as a bustling new city, and 1920 Street, which demonstrates a young city anticipating growth and achievement.



The Fort Edmonton Master Plan was updated.



FEF raised $2.5 million for additional 1920 Street projects, including a replica of an AGT Telephone building.



FEF constructed an exchange building to house the AGT collection, plus two historic billboards. FEF also raised funds to move the 1911 Firkins House on site and have it partially restored.


1995 - 1999   

FEF raised $750,000 for Firkins House, a 1912 Railway Business Car, the York Boat Shed, the Partner's Gate and the restoration of the Steam Engine Boiler.


2000 - 2005   

FEF raised $7 million for 1920 Street projects including Blatchford Field Air Hangar, the Hotel Selkirk, the Avro Avian Biplane and the Carousel, the focal point of the 1920s Midway.   



Construction of the Hotel Selkirk was completed.



Phase 1 of the Midway & Exhibition Project, featuring the Fort Edmonton Carousel, opened to the public on July 1.



The Exhibits Building was completed.  The Ferris wheel and juvenile rides greatly enhanced the 1920s Midway and Exhibition during the 2007 Park Season.



The McNeill Hangar was completed and the Avro Avian bi-plane replica was returned to the Park, from the Aviation Museum, to reside in the new hangar. Juvenile Bug Ride completed.



The Hotel Selkirk parking lot and historical display panel projects were completed. Juvenile Carousel Completed.



Construction of the re-created Capitol Theatre commenced on 1920 Street. Master plan updated.



Construction of the Capitol Theatre was completed.



Mangels Chair-o-Plane ride completed.


Bughouse building completed.                        

Ford AA restoration Completed.


Blatchford Field Air Hangar Catering Kitchen Project completed for $3.3 Million.