The Samuel A. Dickson Award

Each year at the Fort Edmonton Foundation Annual General Meeting, a long-time donor is recognized with the Samuel A. Dickson Award, in honour of the late Mr. Dickson’s role in the development of Fort Edmonton Park.


The seven founding members of the Foundation were John A. Beckingham, Raymond Ludford, James G. MacGregor, H. Stan Ragan, J. Newton Shortliffe, Henry G. Ward and Merrill E. Wolfe. Four decades later, the role of the Foundation has remained true to the vision of the Park’s founders.


In 2017, ATCO was chosen as the Samuel A. Dickson award recipient for their years of volunteerism and dedication to supporting Fort Edmonton Park throughout the decades. Here are some of the significant projects to which ATCO gave financial and volunteer support:


  • 1996-97: York Boat Shed Picnic Shelter

  • 2002-06: Hotel Selkirk Blue Flame Kitchen

  • 2012-14: 1920’s Midway Rides

In 2019, Anna and Richard Fahrion.

These two very special people who have quietly led the pack in the way of passion for Fort Edmonton Park. When we have a fundraiser, they are there, and graciously contribute. They come to every Chief Factor’s breakfast and they are present at every Foundation AGM. 

Past Recipients

2018    Sue Currie

2017    ATCO

2016    Bill Graham

2013    John & Barbara Poole (posthumously)

2012    Dr. George Buck

2011     Ada Hole

2010    Alan and Alice Bell

2009    Edward Allen

          Dr. Elizabeth Donald

2008    Emilie Ryan

2007    Margaret (Wudel) Anderson

          George Stout   

2006    John Howard

2005    Don Smith

 2004    Grace Rumbold

2003    Garth Campbell 

2002    James Campbell

          Sylvia Kennedy

          Margaret Linton

2001    Rae & Carol Allen

Samuel A. Dickson

2018 Sue Currie


Sue Currie held many roles with the FEF as President, Midway committee chair and member of various committees throughout the years. 

"A time of renewal...of reviewing what has been, re-evaluating what is, and re-envisioning what will be."  

2017 ATCO

ATCO was presented with the Samuel A. Dickson award at the event in recognition of their years of volunteerism and dedication for supporting Fort Edmonton Park through the decades. Here are some significant projects they gave financial and volunteer support to:

1996-97: York Boat Shed Picnic Shelter

2002-06: Hotel Selkirk Kitchen

2012-14: 1920’s Midway Rides

2016 Bill Graham

In 2016, we were pleased to present the award to Bill Graham for his years of volunteerism and donation of the steam train to the Fort Edmonton Foundation for use at Fort Edmonton Park.


To learn more about Mr. Graham's invaluable contribution, watch this video. 

Video produced and provided by Soul of Canada